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Meriselle R.
| Meriselle R. on

perfect for my stationary needs! thank u so much

Nikki L.
| Nikki L. on

Awesome! Can’t wait to use!

| Blanc... on

Great for my product packaging and mailings...

D.W. S.
| D.W. S. on

It's really nice twine and the packaging is all paper and biodegradable. My only complaint is the store shipped it in a plastic-padded envelope. Sort of defeats the purpose of getting twine that is plastic-free. I would rather have an unpadded envelope and risk cosmetic damage to the packaging while keeping plastic out of the environment, and I suspect most people with a soul would agree.

| turnn... on

Fast shipping, exactly as described

| Emma... on

Nicely pack and fast shipping

Miriam S.
| Miriam S. on

Really great price for the amount of twine! Perfect for tying up eco friendly Christmas gifts!

Cindy G.
| Cindy G. on

Great quality of roping for my crocheted basket. Love the two tone color effect.

| sioux... on

Lacey was so incredible to work with. A week before our wedding, we decided to add favors of small soap bars with personalized labels, inside clear pillow boxes with jute twine bows around the pillow boxes. Lacey managed my expectations from the start by letting me know exactly what she could deliver just in time, with a possibility of my preferred scent being ready. She asked me to choose a second fragrance just in case. Not only was she able to deliver just in time, she stayed in touch with me along the way letting me know where she was in the production, curing, and shipping process. They were perfect and lovely.

Andrea S.
| Andrea S. on

Look at above. Wrapping twine great!

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