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13% OFF coupon on Lemon, Lime, Tea Tree, Ylang Ylang, Clove Activated Charcoal Soap With Shea Butter and Bamboo Extract by PristineThirteen

$5.95 CAD
$5.18 CAD

333 | 17
| sep70... on

I hope you make many more of these! Only soap I ever want to use. They specific mixture of charcoal, Shea butter (so much nicer than coconut oil) and other natural ingredients make this my favourite all time soap for face and body. Thank you :D

Sarah M.
| Sarah M. on

Great product! Good for sensitive skin.

| sep70... on

Thank you! Great products, great shop :)

| sep70... on

Awesome soap. I use it as my second face cleanser between my citrus wash and scrub. Have noticed brighter cleaner skin since starting use about a week ago. Thank you :)

| Agnes... on

Smells wonderful. I love it!

| super... on

I have yet to see how it works with my skin type but love the smell of it & packaging/shipping was in order and came swiftly!

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