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| emute... on

These are perfect. Excited to give them out as gifts.

Chrissy M.
| Chrissy M. on

I did contact the Shop about *this issue* before writing this and received no reply. I am not a big Shop like this LeBoxBoutique and do not have a lot of money at my disposal - so when I chose to order the 'Mini Beer Soap Party Favours' it was to give to some of my customers. However,the wax paper the soap arrived in was clearly inadequate for international post - all the soap had torn through - it was packed with little protection or separation from the boxes I also ordered - both were in the same big postage box - soap went on to the boxes ~ which forced me to arduously recover each box's lid with coloured photographic prints, at a high standard, to salvage the boxes for use. This cost me hours of extra time, wasted money on dried up soap that was not fit to be used for anything but refuse. Please do not buy this product.

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