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| luani... on

Product is great quality and designed just as i wanted it. seller is very responsive as well

Rachael S.
| Rachael S. on

Ordered a leather journal from this seller, I could not be happier! First of all, he was wonderful through the entire process. Messaging back quickly. Although when I asked for a photo it took a few days, I still got the photo I had asked for. It was shipped within 5 days and arrived at my house exactly 7 days after he told me it had shipped. Even the packaging on it was wonderful. This is exactly what I was hoping for, and a pleasant process as well.

| ciara... on

Great service, amazing communication & very willing to cater to your needs! Arrived beautifully packaged, just as ordered and the girl I gave it to described it as the "most thoughtful gift" she had ever received! The service, communication, packaging and the product itself were second to none.

Harry C.
| Harry C. on

Wow, just wow. From the leather and dark paper made to perfection to the wax sealed parcel, THIS is the best order I've made. Order now and be happy!

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