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1948 | 106
| acaci... on

dinosaur bone is darker than i expected, but overall it's beautful

| pigpi... on

This ring is amazing! It fits wonderfully and it's beautiful. The time it took to get the ring was in readable fast!

| doubl... on

When my fianc? and I first got engaged, we used thread to braid rings for each other. Those quickly fell off and got lost. It was really great to be able to surprise my fianc? with a replacement ALMOST as unique as the original. :)

Jared S.
| Jared S. on

Imagine my surprise when, with $2 shipping, I missed a delivery 3 days after I ordered this, being shipped from Hungary to Arizona. The quality is much higher than I would have expected for the price, and it looks just like the picture. Really impressed!

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